1896oklahomanWhilst interning at The Oklahoman I received some sage, if tongue-in-cheek, advice from veteran Oklahoma City bombing reporter Nolan Clay

1) Always collect your paycheck
2) Take all the free food you can get unless you’re on a job, in which case accept nothing.
3) Check the archives, but don’t believe everything you read, some writers are inacurate.
4) Dress smart but always have a change of clothing in your car in case of emergencies (see blue jeans exceptions).
5) Be accurate, especially with names.
6) Never flip anyone off on the way to a meeting, you might be meeting them.
7) Keep your cool.

The five blue jeans exceptions (when it’s okay to dress casual):

1) When interviewing country music stars Brad Paisley or Garth Brooks.
2) When you pay into an office collection for the privilege.
3) When the University of Oklahoma football team are playing for the national championship.
4) When covering a farming event.
5) In the event of a tornado.

If you ever find yourself reporting in Oklahoma you’ll be way ahead of the curve.